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Story Excerpt

She was ready to enjoy the heck out of that strawberry and she focused her full attention on the delicacy.


Lifting the succulent treat to her lips, she took a small bite. The rich, smooth chocolate melted in her mouth and there was just a hit of the sweet fruit underneath. The taste was heady. Practically orgasmic.


The sensation running through her body was extraordinary. It was like the chocolate was giving her an appetite for something that didn’t have anything to do with food and everything to do with passion. She closed her eyes and took another bite of the strawberry.


Annabelle closed her eyes and moaned as the decadent flavors filled her mouth. She felt the juices begin to leak from the fruit so she slowly licked them up, savoring their taste on her tongue.


“How much do you want to be that strawberry right now, Mase?” A male voice from somewhere beside her interrupted her reverie.


“More than I want coffee, that’s for damn sure.” Another male interjected and Annabelle opened her eyes, knowing exactly who those deep voices belonged to.

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Adult Excerpt

Cal has fancy tech, she thought briefly and then she realized what the song was. They had chosen the universal striptease song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker.


Both men looked at her expectantly and she blushed harder. So they wanted a show. She’d give them a show.


Okay, buckle down, Annabelle. You can do this. Just dance the same way you did downstairs only add a little oomph to it and at some point drop your dress. She tried to give herself a mental pep talk.


She began to rotate her hips in small circles to the beat of the music and slowly raised her hands above her head to flip her hair to one side. She knew they had a fascination with her hair so she planned to use it to her best advantage.


Gradually she widened the circles her hips made and interspersed them with full-body rolls. She sauntered over to Mason, hiked her dress up, and straddled his lap.


She made sure that the rolling motion of her crotch came in direct contact with the hard cock she could feel pulsing under his jeans. She also made sure that he had a prime view of her cleavage as her breasts rubbed up and down over his chest with the movement of her body.

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