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Story Excerpt

Jack, Sebastian, and nearly all of Sebastian’s TA team were already situated in the War Room when Winnie entered. She was surprised but figured the job must be a full-on security gig since that would be the only reason to get an entire team together with the resident hacker to evaluate a potential client.


Rico, a smooth-talking Puerto Rican with caramel-colored skin and soulful brown eyes, waved her over to the empty seat beside him. His real name was Angel Davila, and his first name was pronounced the Spanish way as An-hel, but no one called him by his given name. Everyone referred to him by his call sign, Rico. She guessed it was a guy thing to not be able to call another man Angel.


“Saved you a seat, chica. You always have the best insults, so you can sit by me.”


Winnie laughed as she set her stuff on the table as she sat down.


“What can I say? I think you bring it out in me.” She chatted with Rico and a few of the other members of Sebastian’s team while they waited for the last few stragglers to arrive.

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Adult Excerpt

Unable to help herself Winnie looked up from her position on the bed to meet Sebastian’s eyes. When she’d made her decision last night to once again submit to him she hadn’t thought she would be as overcome with nervousness as she now found herself. It was like that first night they’d had together. She’d wanted to project an aura of cool assurance, but inside she’d been wracked with nerves. It was the same tonight.


“All I’ve been able to think about these last months has been you, Winnie.” Sebastian spoke as he moved toward the bed, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. “Your smell, your taste, the feel of that soft skin at the small of your back, the way you flip your hair over your shoulder when you laugh, the way your palms feel rubbing across the skin of my thighs just before you take me in your mouth. Even the crazy stuff like the way you snap your fingers in that fast, nervous way, and how you swirl your hair up and shove a pen in it to get it out of the way when you’re concentrating. Every morning I’ve woken up and wished you were in my arms.”


She watched through watery eyes as he divested himself of the few items of clothing he had on and joined her on the bed. For a man who was usually spare with words he sure did say the sweetest damn things sometimes.

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