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Story Excerpt

“Are you nuts? I’m not leaving. This is my home and my business. All my stuff is here. I can’t just pack up and ship off to parts unknown.” Just like a man. Not thinking things through before just issuing dictates.


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes.


“It doesn’t matter, Nora. You aren’t safe here. Breaking into this house is child’s play. To be honest with you, I’m amazed that this is the first time. What if next time you wake up and Max is standing above your bed with duct tape and zip ties?”


That was not a good image and Nora winced. She most definitely did not want that, but what about her business? What about her life?


“Where would you take me?” She focused on the main question first.


“I’ll take you to my apartment. Since I live above the Winterman offices it’s locked down so tight you’ll be safe there. Now, go pack a bag and let’s hit the bricks.”


Just like that, making assumptions and dictates again.

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Adult Excerpt

“This thing between us is killing me. The only man I have ever wanted is you. I don’t want some ideal or some Jack without flaws. I want the real you.”


“You don’t know the real me, sweetheart. If you did you’d run screaming for the hills.”


“What are you talking about? Of course, I know you. You’ve been my best friend for years.”


“No, you really don’t. You know I’m an Elite member at Sin, but you have no idea what I’m into. I’m not an easy man in bed, baby. If I took you it would be my way. Period. There’s no highway option. Your body and soul would belong to me and I would fuck you and tease you and punish you until you’re left gasping, writhing, helpless to do anything but accept me.”


Jack’s speech fired her up in more than one way. She could just picture him taking her the way that he’d said and it made her hot and her libido ramped up from the steady hum it parked at whenever she was in Jack’s presence.

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