Coming Soon – M/F Romance

Wild Scams | Romantic Suspense

Once Upon an Us | Contemporary

Wild Scams (tentatively titled) is Book 2 in the Honorable Criminals series.


How Sunday Sheridan ended up with the two most inept criminals for a father and brother she doesn’t know. No matter how many times she’s tried to leave the family business something always draws her back in, but this time her family has gone too far. When they get on the wrong side of a megalomaniacal crime boss, Sunday needs the help of the man she thought she’d never see again to get them all out of it with their heads still attached to their bodies.


Tempers flare between Huck Ellis, contract retrieval expert working with Interpol, and Sunday as old wounds that never healed reopen and the love that never died burns between them.
Once Upon an Us (tentatively titled) is the first book in the Reckless Cove Tattoo series.


Sadie Sheridan has finally made a name for herself in the tattoo community of Miami. The last thing she wants is Blaze Hagen to come sweeping back into her life after all these years. Sure, the guy was one of the most well-known tattoo artists in the world, and yes, he could probably save her father’s shop from going under. That doesn’t mean she has to like his presence or the instant attraction that swamps her like a South Florida summer.


She’s never been able to resist his charm or his body, but she refuses to let him into her heart again. With one word he could be off to some new, exotic venue and she’d be heartbroken and abandoned once again. Better to use his body until the clock runs out. The only problem in this game she’s designed…


Blaze has his own plan. And this time, he’s playing for keeps.

Coming Soon – M/M Gay Romance

Espresso Yourself | Contemporary RomCom

Railroaded | Contemporary

Espresso Yourself is book 1 in the Caffeinated series.


Liam Waverly wants nothing more than to get a cup of freaking coffee. Instead, he finds himself giving the most embarrassing come hither to the hottest man he’s ever seen. On the one hand, Liam wants to jump in headfirst to Jack Easton’s lumberjack hotness, but a love ‘em and leave ‘em man never turns out well for him.
Since Jack is only in town temporarily


Liam works hard to build a wall around his emotions and protect himself for the day when Jack walks out of his life. All the while, it seems like Jack can’t stop talking about the future, a future Liam worries he won’t be a part of. Can Liam overcome his self doubt and fear of abandonment and get out of his own way long enough to get everything he’s ever needed and never thought he’d have?
Railroaded (tentatively titled) is the first book in the new Titans of Industry series.


Marc Hasher, the billionaire heir to Hasher Railways, needs to get married or he’s going to lose the company his family has run since 1836. He needs a spouse to satisfy his father’s will, but the old man never said it had to be a woman. Since no one will believe he suddenly turned straight after being out since his twenty-first birthday, he needs a husband, one who won’t expect love.


Heath Roux is not what anyone would consider a trophy husband, so when his boss asks him to get married he can’t figure out why. In the five years they’d been working together, Marc had never shown any romantic interest. Heath’s secret crush on his boss had been just that, a secret. Heath knows Marc deserves to be CEO of Hasher Railways. He’d turned a company with a history of unscrupulous robber barons into a philanthropic one to be proud of. When the choice comes down to marry the billionaire or see the company he loves be turned over to someone new, Heath knows what he has to do. 


What’s two years after all? He’d just has to make sure he doesn’t fall for his gorgeous, charismatic, and very temporary husband.