Chicago Sin

BDSM Erotic Romantic Suspense

Sharing Annabelle

Book 1

Annabelle Rawlings has fallen for not one but two men. When Callum McCray and Mason Webb set their sights on Annabelle, they refuse to give up until they’ve made her realize that she belongs to them—no matter how many times she tries to deny it. They know she has dark, kinky desires that only they can satisfy.


When the guys are forced to deny their love, and hers, and push Annabelle away because of a deadly threat from their past, they doubt whether they’ll ever be able to win her back again.

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Defending Nora

Book 2

Nora has had nothing more exciting in her life than lighting her bangs on fire while trying to flambé. When he CIA traitor ex-boyfriend escapes custody and begins stalking her, she turns to the only man she knows can protect her, the man she’s been in love with since high school.


When Nora Connolly shows up on the doorstep of his private security company looking for protection, Jack Coleman tries to turn her way. Keeping his hands to himself while living with her 24/7 to keep her safe would be more than even his rock-hard control could handle. In the end he finds himself the defender against her looming threat, but can he defend her from himself?

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Harboring Winnie

Book 3

After being pulled out of Federal custody all those years ago, Winnie Reston, hacker extraordinaire, thought she’d left the life of cybercrime behind her. However, when her past comes blasting through the door with automatic weapons she’s forced to go on the run and rely on the man who broke her heart.


Sebastian Winter is as anti-love as they come, and Winnie knows that he can’t give her what she needs – outside the bedroom anyway – but she has to believe that he can get her out of the mess she’s in. It’s a race against her old life to prove her innocence and keep everything she loves from burning to the ground.

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