The Honorable Criminals series is action-packed hijinks meets steamy sexiness. This series will have you laughing, crying, and smoldering. Unconventional characters, international scenery, despicable villains, and Interpol. What more could you ask for?

Stealing Chaos

Honorable Criminals | Book 1

Roman Blinov might have rescued her this time, but Anna “Sway” Tyler isn’t about to give him what he wants or confide in him the secrets she carries. She’s on a mission, and he’s in her way.


Roman doesn’t trust criminals, especially not ones who change their identity as quickly and effectively as Sway. As they say, there is no honor among thieves. Forced to work together on a mission from Interpol to capture Sway’s financier, the man who taught her everything she knows, Sway and Roman must decide if trusting each other is worth the risk.


In the mean time, they’ll have to protect a wild group of orphans, secure a famous necklace, remember to feed an unwieldy pet, and decide if the emotions building between them are based on more than just the adrenaline and unavoidable circumstances.

The Chicago Sin series is a BDSM erotic romance series centered around the lives of characters in the exclusive Mise en Scené dungeon club in downtown Chicago. The first book, Sharing Annabelle, is an MFM romance while the other two books are MF.