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So glad you’re stopping by! I am a born and raised Kanas woman living in the KC area with my dog, B, collecting a wide assortment of absolutely ridiculous novelty earrings, buying bulk packs of Dr. Pepper, and basking in the glow of Dolly Parton vibes.


By Day, I work in healthcare. By night, I puts on slippers, grab a tube of M&M minis, and get to work crafting stories and heroes to melt your heart…and maybe your underwear. 😉


I believe everyone deserves good beverages, good books, and good friends.

I would love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter! The links are down below.

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My first M/M gay romance is in the works! Check it on out my Coming Soon page, and follow me on social media to be the first to get all the details.

Projects in the Works

Book 2 in the Honorable Criminal series where we get to see how Huck and Roman go their start and meet the woman who once brought the great Elis Huxley to rock bottom.


A possibly standalone (but likely going to be book 1 in the Caffeinated duo or series) M/M romcom featuring the most adorable librarian and the Instagram model hunk he’s falling for.


Book 1 in the Reckless Cove Series, and Sadie Sheridan does not, under any circumstances, want Blaze Hagen back in her tattoo shop.