Sarah Leyton | Sharing Annabelle – Excerpt
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She was ready to enjoy the heck out of that strawberry and she focused her full attention on the delicacy.


Lifting the succulent treat to her lips, she took a small bite. The rich, smooth chocolate melted in her mouth and there was just a hit of the sweet fruit underneath. The taste was heady. Practically orgasmic.


The sensation running through her body was extraordinary. It was like the chocolate was giving her an appetite for something that didn’t have anything to do with food and everything to do with passion. She closed her eyes and took another bite of the strawberry.


Annabelle closed her eyes and moaned as the decadent flavors filled her mouth. She felt the juices begin to leak from the fruit so she slowly licked them up, savoring their taste on her tongue.


“How much do you want to be that strawberry right now, Mase?” A male voice from somewhere beside here interrupted her reverie.


“More than I want coffee, that’s for damn sure.” Another male interjected and Annabelle opened her eyes, knowing exactly who those deep voices belonged to.


Cal and Mason. Could she never escape those two? Everywhere she went, there they were. At the deli where she ate lunch, at the bookstore, at the market. It was happening way too often for it to be coincidence.


Her chocolate-covered wonderland had engrossed her so fully that she hadn’t heard the shop door open. She had to admit, at least to herself, that she was pretty much mortified to be caught by them while practically making out with a strawberry.


Despite the dark blush she knew was staining her cheeks and the way her nipples had gotten rock hard at the sounds of their voices, she turned to face the two hunks of bedrooms past.


Unfortunately for her libido, they looked as gorgeous as ever, or even more gorgeous. Cal was wearing a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit with a crisp white shirt and a red power tie while Mason was a lot more casually dressed. Not that his dark jeans and striped cotton button-up shirt made him look any less lickable.


Their hair was a little bit windblown, which meant that they’d probably walked the two and a half blocks to the shop. A new burst of desire settled low in her belly as she stared at them and began to picture licking and sucking other things that could be covered in chocolate. Long, hard, delicious things.


“I would say penny for your thoughts, but since I can pretty much guarantee they’re dirty I’d be willing to pay a whole lot more,” Cal said, and when she glanced up guiltily she could see the hunger written across his face.


Mason shifted closer and pulled out a chair to sit close to her right side, invading her personal bubble. Cal took that as his cue to do the same thing on her left.


“Better watch out, Belle. You’re about to drip,” Mason said seductively in his deep, Scottish baritone before bending his head to lick some strawberry juice from her hand.


Something was dripping all right, and it wasn’t the strawberry in her hand. She had a veritable leaking faucet between her legs thanks to these two sexy beasts.


She glanced to Cal when she felt his hand on her knee and saw a rakish smile on his lips. It caused that adorable dimple to crease his cheek. “I want a taste, too, Belle.”


Snap out of it, stupid! They are not for you. Not for you.


Maybe if she repeated it to herself enough it she could convince herself. Cloaking herself in a false sense of bravado and drawing on every Bette Davis–esque ounce of gumption she had, she snapped her spine straight and wiped the dreamy look of her face.


“Go right ahead,” she said, looking Cal in the eyes while waving toward the counter. “There are plenty over there to choose from.”


Mason’s hand came up and he caressed her lower lip with the tip of his finger. It created a tingle that didn’t just affect her lip. She had to restrain herself from nipping that digit with her teeth and sucking it into her mouth.


“He’s not talking about the berries, love.”


There was no doubt in her mind that they both wanted her. They wanted to ravish her again and Mason’s simple touch had electrified her. The temptation was like a pressing weight on her abdomen. She could feel the sexual tension simmering between the three of them and she wanted to give in, so much that her lips parted and she leaned toward Mason just slightly. Damn, his lips look good.


“How long are you going to keep running, Belle? You can’t keep denying the attraction between us. We all know that you are the perfect fit for us. When are you going to let us prove it to you?” Annabelle shivered at the feeling of Cal’s warm breath as he whispered his seductive words into her ear.


His soft words coupled with Mason’s teasing caresses lulled her, mesmerized her, and the urge to say now was an overpowering temptation. She could just picture being in their arms again. Being taken by the two of them had been the most hedonistic delight she had ever partaken of. She had come so hard and so much that her whole body had been deliciously sore for a week afterward.




The thunder blasted outside moments before rain began to soak the ground and splatter against the windows of the small coffee shop.


Annabelle quickly scooted her chair back and stood up out of their reach. She desperately tried to shake off the spell of desire that they had been waving around her.


“Nice try, fellas. Look, I don’t know why you’re trying so hard. We all know that I’m not the right girl for you. I don’t do flings and you don’t want me for the long term. We all just need to face things like adults and walk away. In fact, I know someone who would be perfect for you. I’ll text you her contact info, okay?”


Did she even breathe through that? She quickly gathered up her coat and purse and dashed out of the shop into the rain without looking back.


She got halfway down the block before she realized that she hadn’t gotten her coffee.


Puddles and no coffee. Damn them.