Sarah Leyton | Sharing Annabelle – Adult Excerpt
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Cal has fancy tech, she thought briefly and then she realized what the song was. They had chosen the universal striptease song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker.


Both men looked at her expectantly and she blushed harder. So they wanted a show. She’d give them a show.


Okay, buckle down, Annabelle. You can do this. Just dance the same way you did downstairs only add a little oomph to it and at some point drop your dress. She tried to give herself a mental pep talk.


She began to rotate her hips in small circles to the beat of the music and slowly raised her hands above her head to flip her hair to one side. She knew they had a fascination with her hair so she planned to use it to her best advantage.


Gradually she widened the circles her hips made and interspersed them with full body rolls. She sauntered over to Mason, hiked her dress up, and straddled his lap.


She made sure that the rolling motion of her crotch came in direct contact with the hard cock she could feel pulsing under his jeans. She also made sure that he had a prime view of her cleavage as her breasts rubbed up and down over his chest with the movement of her body.


Just as he reached for her she left his lap and teasingly tsked as she went back to sensuously rolling her body in time to the music. Trailing her hands through her hair, she made her way to Callum and sat down on his lap reverse-cowgirl style and used her hands on his knees as leverage to rub her ass against him.


She flipped her hair over her shoulder, making sure that it would brush against him before giving him a wink over her shoulder.


Again she moved back when he made a grab for her. At his growl she laughed and shook her head.


Moving back to the center of the room, she gave the dance all she was worth. As the music started winding down she unhooked the halter straps, letting them fall forward as the dress sagged against her breasts.


Reaching behind her back she unzipped the dress, letting it fall to the ground before kicking it away.


Putting her hands on her waist and cocking her hip she struck a pose. The way their eyes were eating her up made her feel like Wonder Woman. She didn’t give a single thought to fat hips or thighs that touched.


The way they looked at her made her feel like the most desirable woman in the world. There is a way a man can look at a woman. It is a look that says everything he’s ever wanted is standing right in front of him and he gets to have her any way he wants her.


Cal crooked his finger at her and she walked back over to the couch and put as much sway into her hips as she could.


When she got to the couch both men stood to surround her with their oversized bodies. She could feel the heat of them against her skin and it made her shiver.


“Mmm, I do love that wiggle,” Cal said as he leaned down to nip his teeth down the column of her neck. “Here or upstairs?”


“Both,” Mason growled as he knelt down in front of her.


Taking her breasts in his hands, he rubbed and squeezed until she thought she’d go crazy. She wanted to beg for more of a touch but she knew that if she did it would only make him less likely to give it to her.


Of the two men, Mason had the most patience. The more she begged, the more controlled he became.


Just when she thought she couldn’t hold back anymore he brought his mouth to her nipple and Cal’s hand glided across her stomach and down her hip to lightly pet her lips.


The feel of Mason’s licking tongue and the slow sucking of his mouth combined with Cal’s light touch ratcheted up the heat even higher. She could feel the liquid spilling from her and coating her lips and Cal’s fingertips.


“I love how wet you get for us, Belle.” Cal’s breath caressed her ear as he spoke slowly and softly to her.


She’d said it before and she’d say it again, if there was anyone who could talk a woman to orgasm, it would be Callum McCray.


“It’s going to be so good when I get my dick in here.” Cal punctuated the statement by putting two fingers into her channel and gave her long strokes in and out. He made sure to run the pads of his fingers along the wall of her pussy as he pushed his fingers in and dragged them out of her.


“That’s not all, Belle,” Mason said from in front of her as he slid his hand up the back of her leg. “While Cal is feeding his cock to your needy pussy, I’m going to be here.”


Mason used her wetness to lubricate his touch against her backdoor and she threw her head back at the pleasure that his touch caused.


“Just think, baby, one of us in your pussy and one of us in your ass. Both of us sliding inside of you. We’ll push you higher and higher until you think you can’t take any more and then we’ll finally let you”—Cal moved his fingers to her clit—“explode.”