Sarah Leyton | Chicago Sin – Reviews
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Not all subs are weaklings. This is explained and demonstrated in this insanely hot book. This sub resists her two doms until she realizes that she can be independent and still role play.


This is a book where the dom/sub relationship takes the place in a regular (yet wealthy) lifestyle. There are no over-the-top rooms, toys, and etc… This book shows what normal people can do in their own bedrooms if given the desire.


The sex….wow…..there are no words to describe how hot it is.


I really loved this book. The main character is witty and snarky. She’s not some roll over submissive pandering to the whims of her men. Also, Cal and Mason aren’t bullies, which was refreshing.


This wasn’t your typical BDSM as they didn’t spend half the book in some dungeon or playroom, and the author explained a lot of the psychology. And the love scenes? They were smokin’ hot. All in all this book was fantastic.


Whew, think I need a shower. Make that a cold one. Steamy kinky stuff going on here lol. Some light BDSM. There is still action and a great story line to keep you interested and to give you a moment to cool off. Nora is a well developed character. Jack is a stubborn “jackass” to a tee.


I had a good time reading the banter going on between everyone. I know I was laughing out loud over a few parts. There was a slightly predictable and fast moving ending. But all in all I had a good time reading.