Sarah Leyton | Harboring Winnie – Adult Excerpt
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Unable to help herself Winnie looked up from her position on the bed to meet Sebastian’s eyes. When she’d made her decision last night to once again submit to him she hadn’t thought she would be as overcome with nervousness as she now found herself. It was like that first night they’d had together. She’d wanted to project an aura of cool assurance, but inside she’d been wracked with nerves. It was the same tonight.


“All I’ve been able to think about these last months has been you, Winnie.” Sebastian spoke as he moved toward the bed, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. “Your smell, your taste, the feel of that soft skin at the small of your back, the way you flip your hair over your shoulder when you laugh, the way your palms feel rubbing across the skin of my thighs just before you take me in your mouth. Even the crazy stuff like the way you snap your fingers in that fast, nervous way, and how you swirl your hair up and shove a pen in it to get it out of the way when you’re concentrating. Every morning I’ve woken up and wished you were in my arms.”


She watched through watery eyes as he divested himself of the few items of clothing he had on and joined her on the bed. For a man who was usually spare with words he sure did say the sweetest damn things sometimes.


When he got to the side of the bed he sat next to her hip and leaned close to brush his lips over hers. They both froze, neither moving, lips barely touching. Sebastian broke first and groaned. Pulling her to his chest he turned so she was pulled across his lap as he sat on the bedside. His rich smell and salty taste exploded through her senses. She’d yearned for him, for this, for too damn long. He’d admitted to thinking of her, but she’d thought of him too. Every day. She’d compared every man she’d met to him, and they’d all lost hands down. No one could replace him.


Taking what she offered him he devoured her, and she groaned at the blissful torture of his naked skin against hers. Her nipples, hard beads, pressed into the wall of his chest. She poured all of her desire into the kiss and arched at how good she felt as he pressed her tightly against him. She reveled in their kiss until he wound his hand into her hair and used the grip to pull her back.


The way their faces hovered mere inches from each other felt even more intimate than the kiss. She stared into his eyes, their breath mingling hotly in the slight space between their mouths.


“Hi,” she said, breaking the silence and watching as that devilish smirk crossed his face.


“You are playing with fire, baby.”


“I’m not playing. I want you to take me. Burn me up.”


Taking her at her word he set her back onto the bed where she’d been when he’d walked into the room while he got up and walked to the dresser to open a drawer. He pulled out a small velvet bag and dumped the contents into his hand before returning to the bed.


“Scoot to kneel at the side of the bed and then cup your breasts for me. I want to see your rings.”


After a small move to the edge of the mattress she turned her body to fully face him and slowly she slid her hands up her torso and took the heavy weight of her naked breasts in her hands. They overfilled her hands, but from the look on Sebastian’s face that was a very good thing. He leaned close and ran a finger softly across the top of one mound. He unfurled the silver chain in his hand and ran it through the rings at her nipples. The chain was short enough to pull her breasts together and cause a slight burning sensation in her nipples that made her bite her lip.


Suddenly, he bent down and took her nipple into his mouth. She grasped his head and neck as white-hot sensation broke through her body and shot straight to her pussy. Teeth nipped at her and tugged at the rings, which caused shocked gasps, but the wet heat of his tongue soothed the sharp pain. Unable to keep them open she closed her eyes and gave herself over. He wasn’t touching anything but her breasts, but she was already wet and needy for him.


When she began to run her hands over his shoulders, unable to keep still, Sebastian pulled back and straightened. The tips of her breasts were dark red with the flush from the attention given by his teeth and tongue.


Looking up into his eyes, dark with justify, the remembered feelings of submission settled onto her skin. It blossomed inside of her as if it had been waiting for him, waiting for this man to take her in hand and give her back an essential piece of herself.