Sarah Leyton | Coming Soon
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I have so many projects in motion right now! Ahhh! Keep an eye out for announcements about the titles below as well as a paranormal werewolf romance I’m cowriting with the wonderful Liz Marie!


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Dangerous Temptation

Small Town Romantic Suspense

After three years of hiding in the wilds of Montana’s Glacier National Park, Mia Holloway has returned home, but she isn’t alone. Reece White is shocked to find the woman who tore his life to pieces when she disappeared back on his doorstep with a little girl who might be his. Mia came home convinced the threat she and Olivia have been hiding from is finally eliminated, but, in secret, a malicious psychopath plots to kidnap the child Mia made it her life’s mission to protect. Mia must find the strength inside herself to repair the relationships long damaged and keep her promise to protect the child she loves but is not her own. Reece must decide if loving the woman he’d considered his soul mate is worth the risk of the past repeating itself.

Never Love a Thief

Action/Adventure Heist Romance

After Roman Blinov rescues her from falling off the side of a building in a ball gown and stilettos, Anna “Sway” Tyler is forced to work with a man she’s only known as a pain in her neck, not to mention confide in him the secret she has carried for years. Roman doesn’t trust thieves, especially not ones who change their identity as quickly and effectively as Sway. They are forced to work together on a mission from Interpol to capture Sway’s financier, the man who taught her everything she knows. Along the way, they have to find a way to protect a wild group of orphans, secure a famous necklace, remember to feed a giant tortoise, and decide if the emotions that have built between them are based on more than just adrenaline and close quarter living.

Espresso Yourself

M/M Romantic Comedy

Liam Waverly wants nothing more than to get a cup of freaking coffee. Instead, he finds himself giving the most embarrassing come hither to the hottest man he’s ever seen. After a subsequent humiliating episode, while wearing nothing more than his underpants in the bathroom of the public library, Liam finds himself dating his sexy, Lumberjack Mr. Clean. It’s the first relationship since things ended with his nightmare ex several years ago. Liam has to overcome his own self doubt and fear of abandonment to have a chance at finding the man who may be everything he’s ever needed and never thought he’d have.

Railroaded by Love

M/M Romantic Comedy

Marc Hasher, billionaire heir to Hasher Railways, needs to get married in the next six weeks or he’s going to lose the company his family has run for since 1836. He needs a spouse to satisfy his father’s will. Since no one will believe he suddenly turned straight after being out since his twenty first birthday, he needs a husband, one who won’t expect love. Heath Roux is not what anyone would consider a trophy husband, so when his boss asks him to get married he can’t figure out why. Heath knows Marc deserves to be CEO of Hasher Railways. He’d turned a company with a history of unscrupulous robber barons into a philanthropic one to be proud of.  What’s two years after all? He’d just has to make sure he doesn’t fall for his gorgeous, charismatic, and very temporary husband.