Sarah Leyton | Author Bio
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I am a former para-trouper with a love of deep sea diving off the coast of Fiji and a pet coyote named Spartacus.


Just kidding! But I welcome you to believe that’s my life.


The truth is that I have spent half of my life in one-mile Kansas farm towns and the other half in bustling metropolises. This unique perspective opens up ideas for characters from all walks of life with stories that take on lives of their own.


I’m a woman who loves books of every genre, snarky sitcoms, and all things brunch. With a perverted sense of humor and a mouth like a sailor, especially while behind the wheel of a car, I have an abiding obsession with Hello Kitty, travel, and coffee.


I have the AMAZING pleasure of being in RWA and I have served as the president of Mid-America Romance Authors (MARA). MARA is a fantastic group of writers who support each other. I have learned so much over the last few years I have been a member there. If you’re ever in the Kansas City area, you should definitely stop by!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed my Chicago Sin series, and I can’t wait to announce the new projects that I have coming soon!


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